We Nongoma TV are proud to announce the above candidates as our new presenters and hosts for new shows.We will call them as from next week onwards to THE COTTAGE IN THE GREEN Studios for contract discussions and orientation.As for other candidates mentioned on a separate square above,will be invited too when their opportunity comes.As for those who were not picked we say we will invite them for the new series of Isilwi shooting which we plan for the end of next year.We remind people that TV shows are not permanent an these auditions were not the first or the last .We hope to have more infuture. Nongoma TV available on internet just in our home page on the left side from 11 am till






DATE 12 September 2015

VENUE:Mlokothwa high school Nongoma


CUTOFF 11.30

ROUND 2 13.00

ROUND 3 14.30


We need 5 presenters for our new shows.

Candidate must be a Nongoma resident if possible.REASON: Shooting starts soon after auditions.


ROUND 1 round 2 and round 3 then final cut

ROUND 1: One minute self introduction. You will have 2 minutes running a show of your choice. RESULTS RIGHT ON THE SPOT.If you don't want to enter round 1 on the day of audition just send a 3 minute video of yourself with above mentioned information to

ROUND 2 You will have to choose one among 5 shows, you want to present. You will be given scripts to follow.

ROUND 3 Knowledge about the channel.So research about us. Watch us on website and read Facebook updates.CHANNEL RESUMES NEXT WEEK TUESDAY




During round 2 you will have to co-host 2 of the 5 shows.

Zindala Zombili,Amanoni.Ikhayalami,Wena uthini,The strings and instruments



Format of this show will resemble that of a live football show.Two co-hosts,one in the hall presenting the show while other standing or sitting at the different side of the venue, with guest analysts who have depth knowledge of the Isicathamiya and the performing groups. Probably an ex-singer singer himself or just a guest from other association.

We expect presenters to be energetic, knowledgeable and familiar with Isicathamiya music.



AMANONI is semi environmental television show whose aim is to highlight the balance between humans and nature, and aiding in preserving African nature and heritage.

The show also features traditional artifacts.Which may include musical instruments, cooking pots,traditional attire etc.We feature some traditional musicians playing unusual instruments.

The show tend to have quiz of Zulu words,idioms and proverbs.

The presenter here should have a strong interest in traveling and exploration of local nature reserves and farmlands.

Also should have sound knowledge of traveling and tourism industry. Will have to work with Department of arts and culture and department of environmental affairs and tourism in South Africa.


GENRE: Magazine

TARGET:Adult travelers



Can you host this show? Come to the auditions.It's among 5 listed shows to be tackled during this upcoming auditions.The rest is on our website



Presenter looks at the challenges of self-building in both rural and urban areas. We learn the procedures which is meant to be followed when applying for a bond or mortgage in South Africa or when looking for a house in tribal controlled land.


Someone who has worked for a house agent or building hardware stores will find this show interesting.

The show will show any type of house from grass houses, round traditional houses, B and B ,squatter camp or slams,bungalows mansions compounds,

town homes,security villages, guest houses, normal flat house, gable houses etc


The aim is to enlighten people about advantages and disadvantages of relocation. Also to make them aware of challenges they may face when looking for their dream homes. To encourage people to build their own homes. We aim at working with local banks and hardware stores who may be interested.To inform or educate those who may not know.



be prepared to interview guests in the studio/location.

Respond positively and quickly to problems or changes, and improvising where necessary;

Keep contact with the director and production team going with her.



TARGET:25 -60 years old

Casting:Saturday 12th September 2015.

Payment: To be discussed before casting [they will be told they will only be paid after the show has been screened.

Minors not allowed.

Participants must come with their ID documents

We do this to reduce number of young participants who may just come for fun as we are at their backyard.


Location: Nhlophenkulu

Casting: Saturday 12th September 2015.

Payment: To be discussed before casting

Minors not allowed come with you ID document




This show feature regional political leaders and leaders in public life as guests to discuss the topics featured in that week's broadcast, in the form of one-on-one interviews with the program's moderator on a particular story as well as round table discussions in a multiple-topic debate format involving the moderator and a panel of guests. This show will incorporate contribution reports from members of the television station's reporting staff on certain news stories featured in that week's will also involve public audience at some point.

The presenter should be familiar with day today happenings should have general knowledge be able to debate positively when opportunity comes. Also should be able to direct the talk of the day positively while remain totally impartial to the discussion.


GENRE: Talk show

TARGET: Over 18 males and females



The music show which expose raw talent from people mostly taken for granted because of their original background or environment in which they perform .I mean people like those performing on the street, small gigs etc, for none or tiny amount of payment.From single instrument up to the band performing with different instruments. The aim is to expose those unknown performers.We may also invite well known musician to show us how is it done. They will also be educators from the school of art who can show us one or two tricks of how to handle and play those instruments.


The presenter is expected to get work with production team, researchers, writing of the script and choosing the performers of the day. Though she can't always choose but should have a sounding opinion about the running of the show. The show will have a variety of performers sometimes it's gonna be live. Or just recorded artists. There will be interviews. The presenter and the crew are expected sometimes to go and speak with this entertainers at at the environment where they perform.


During auditions you may have a performing musicians prepared for you. What you should do is to ad oomph to the show and make it as fascinating as much as you can. Make the viewer beg for more at the end of the show,wishing if the show could go on for days.

There will be a prepared script but you will still need to ad some flesh there and there


GENRE: Music show

Target: People of all ages willing to play instruments especially young on



1 Payment: A presenter will only be paid after the show has been screened.Paid per show.Shows may be 1 hour long or less after being edited.

2 Location: Mlokothwa high school,Nhlophenkulu Nongoma on 12 September 2015

3 Minors not allowed[under 18]

4 Participants must produce their ID documents before auditioned.

5 Opens at 08.30 and closes at 11.30 . No late comers allowed

6 No sharing of information by the participant who has been auditioned to those still waiting to be auditioned.All participants involved in that issue will be disqualified.

7 The participant must be a Nongoma resident [someone who is not necessarily from Nongoma but who physically live within the area of Nongoma] reason for this He/she should always be available when required as the shooting is meant to start soon after the auditions.

8 Preferably someone who doesn't have other activity that can interfere with shooting times.

9 Brawls or any form of shouting,physical fighting or any form misbehavior will mean disqualification.

10 No trespassing.No one will be allowed to go beyond designated area for the auditions.You will be told at the beginning of the auditions which area you can use.




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