The annually held traditional festival has come and gone but left many unanswered questions from disgruntled champions wannabes.Most of the artists who cried fowl said they were judged by incompetent adjudicators who only knew nothing about their category of the competition. As a result wrong artist were promoted to the next stages of this cultural competition. One of the artist who decided not to enter this time ,said it would be better if people would be judged according to their performances not according to how their looks and popularity


Miss nongoma 2017 Mis Nongoma usub uyile sethembe ukuthi kulokhu akukho isigigaba ezizokwenza umphakathi ungaqondi nqindi nasbhakela.Lokhu kwenzeka ngonyaka ofile lapho abagqugquzeli bezitebele ezimbili ezihlela imicimbi bacishe bayisane ezinkantolo. Nokho kwagcima omabili ama camp ekwazile ukuwubamba lomcimbi.Lomcimbi uba minyaka yonke.Lomcimbi ubukeke uhehe izintokazi eziningana.Okwamanje bekusengama audition.Umcimbi woku khethwa kwakhe u Miss Nongoma uzomemezelwa maduze nje

Don't mess up with these guys from Nongoma they are called Umthunuken Nabasadusi. They are ready to release their newest album. We met with one of their members Snqobeleni MJIJI ndwandwe who promised a new thing ready tp explode.So catch our show USHIKISHI next week and see it for yourself.DON'T FORGET to like us on Facebook


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