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NONGOMA TV Cottage in the green park is a baby that was conceived few months back. It has  been born. The first phase has already been statrted. Phase two of  building is expected to start in  May this  year. This par is just situated behind the Nongoma TV studios


As we have stated in the  paragragh adjacent to this one,the CIG park will soon be in use. It will  host events that we  will organize for the purpose  of community gatherings and  big shows that are unhostible in the studio. So entertainment is here good people.


Kulindeleke ukuthi abathandi baka Maskandi babheme bakholwe uma umskazi omusha wezinhlelo u Themba wakwa Xulu ethula uhlelo u Shikishi. Lokhu kuzoba ngokokuqala lomsakazi ethula loluhlelo njengoba kulindeleke ukuthi aqale ngokusemthethweni. Njengamanje ubambele umsakazi walo loluhlelo u Bheki Nxumalo. Osabambeke ezinxenyeni ezinye zomphakathi.

Lomsakazi uke wasezinkinobheni ku Nongoma F


This  is a movie which was shot at Denge area in Nongoma. We see a gangster father John trying to balance  two opposing  responsiblities which is being a gangster and being a good father. His child is getting kinabbed. Now he has to act. Don't miss this on  this coming  Wednesday at 21.00


We are proud to say all of our shows that need a better verbal picture, will now be illustated through demontrations and reconstructions . Here is one of our new actors, Thandi Nyambose from Esiphambanweni. She is one of the upcoming actors . She  is going to work hand and hand with some of our new exciting actors that we  spotted during the summer auditions that we announced few months aback