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Being  inspired by  young and vibrant life casters on Social media platforms such as Justin.TV,Ustream and Youtube   we met with local camera operators to see if they would be willing to donate some of the content they had gathered  during the local events such as weddings and other  traditional celebrations.

Most of them donated  abundantly as result we decided to form a channel in 2010 which was going toshow what we do and how Africans interact with on another in  normal circumstances not dominated by wars or femine as it is commonly seen on international TV


The channel started broadcasting on 12 August 2010 on the website www.nongomatv and other social mediar plaforms

20.11 applied for normal Tv but failed

20.13 channel moved from Ophalule to current headqurters in Nhlophenkulu

20.14 More audience strted to follow the channel.This was evident in statistics and the pages Facebook and Ustream which seem to get new subscribers ever day.Week in and week out.

2015 People in the village started to know about the channel

Though in recent years the channel has faced  tougher challenges there still more to come.

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